Chicken soup - slepičí polévka


1 hen
1 medium onion
50 g of celery
150 g carrot
40 g of parsley
salt and pepper 2 pellets
two handfuls of noodles, preferably home
ground pepper and a pinch of ground ginger to taste and chopped parsley for decoration



Procedure for preparation recipe:

Hen gashing washed, quartered, wings and thighs in a joint nicks or kitchen scissors. Insert meat in a large enough pot. Pour about a liter and a half of Slightly warmed water, add salt, add the sliced onion, a piece of carrot and celery and pepper balls.

Bring to the boil, slow flame, cover the pot with a people and cook over low heat for about two hours; find forks injected in
to the thigh, chicken whether it's soft. With a rush Especially cooking cook and stir - the broth needlessly lost most of aroma and taste! During boiling fat Acts on a surface, you can take a small ladle.

The finished broth mixture through a strainer into another pot, meat chicken part and return to soup. If you coo
k the soup in advance, let it cool and scoop up most of the surface fat (see below, or use as a base roux).

Remaining vegetables finely chop or coarsely grate. To highlight its flavor and color, sauté it in a little fat removed, pour broth and soup to the boil fifteen minutes. Cook noodles separately in Slightly salted water and add to the soup until the end (Because Remains clear soup). It taste with salt and pepper, Sprinkle with ginger (supplied smell and grandmother) and serve sprinkled with parsley.