Bohemian kulajda - jihočeská kulajda


2 pieces of bay leaf
2 tablespoons vinegar
1 cup sour cream
1 handful of fresh mushrooms
4 pcs eggs
6 pcs potatoes
Plain flour
To taste:
     chopped dill
Procedure for preparation recipe:
Clean the mushrooms and cut into large pieces. Raw peeled potatoes cut into cubes and mushrooms cook for in salted water to which we added spices - cumin, allspice, pepper, bay leaf.

When the potatoes are soft, add the cream with a Resuspending with flour, mix well and cook for briefly. Dill soup to taste with salt, pour a little vinegar and add the chopped dill. Add fresh eggs and gently to throw them into the soup. Three minutes gentle boil and cook for for another 5 minutes let the eggs come out of the heat source. Egg yolks eggs shall be semi-soft.

Southbohemian dill soup served with fresh bread.